If you don’t know Etsy, you may not know about Etsy treasuries. An etsy treasury is where any Etsy user can collect together a bunch of items they like, they may have a similar theme or similar colours, into a mini collection of 12 or less. They can name the treasury, add tags so other people can find it easier, and share it with people to look at and comment. I quite like making treasuries, and I get really excited whenever I feature in one. There is something about a complete stranger picking my item, out of all the ones they

Death Star bowl - frequently featured in strangers' treasuries

could have, to share with their little world that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
Lots of my geeky stuff ends up in treasuries (the geeks sure do love to categorise!) and I am frequently in pi treasuries, or Star Wars treasuries. I’d never seen a pacman treasury before though so today I made my own: PacMania!

Here are my top 5 treasuries (4 of them don’t even feature me!) that I think you might like too. You might not. Either way, something to click on! If you like them, why not leave a comment on the treasury itself, let the people know you love their stuff! Faint praise from strangers is all that keeps us Etsy sellers going sometimes, honestly!

5) I have NO idea what it is about moustaches. They’re just awesome. I have finally convinced my follicley challenged husband to grow one, so I am happy, but for all of you with moustache doubting significant others (or those like me who cannot grow one no matter how much we try!) you can feed your dangerous moustache habit with these moustachioed items instead. Wow that paragraph had a lot of moustaches in it…

4) I am fast becoming “that Crazy Giraffe Lady” and Etsy is doing nothing to help stop this obsession! Everyone knows giraffes are awesome, therefore this giraffe treasury is double awesome. On a stick. With bells on. Particularly loving the yellow and grey print.

3) One of my favourite flavours is lemon. It’s so fresh and fruity and alive! Just thinking of it and I can remember the smell of freshly grated lemon zest as if someone has shoved it up my nose. Thankfully they haven’t, that might sting. This fresh and fruity lemon and blackberry treasury makes me want lemon meringue pie, right now!

2) Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? And chasing them? And squeeling in delight and surprise when they pop, as if that’s never happened to one before?! Just me? Oh, ok. I particularly love the bubbly bath ring in this treasury, and am sorely tempted to treat myself one payday.

1) Star Wars. Gotta be. Sorry! This is one of my treasuries, created by me and featuring an item of mine, so I feel pretty sneaky for putting it on my list, but, come on, honestly, have you ever seen anything quite so fabulously mental as Darth Vader riding a bicycle with Death Star wheels?! If you have please tell me! I need it, whatever it is!

So that’s my top five. For now. I reserve my right as a capricious female to change my mind within the hour. Join me later in the week when I may have finally figured out how to get my Berlin trip photos onto Flickr for my Berlin blog post!

Link of the day: An oldy but a goody, the Surrealist Compliment Generator. Refresh the page for a new absurd compliment! “I relentlessly desire your custard tongue between my eyelids” being my personal favourite…

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