Support me

person-girlThe most obvious way to support me and my developing business is to buy some of my items, either at one of my craft fairs, or through my etsy store. But there are a couple of other ways to directly support me. Maybe every surface in your house is already filled with my glassy goods, but you still want to see me succeed? Well then, you’ve come to the right place my friend!

The easiest and cheapest way to support me and send me a virtual “hey good job buddy!” is to buy me a coffee, through ko-fi. (thank you!)

The second way, to directly help me increase my supply of tools, materials, and accessories that I need to run my business, is by buying me something from my Amazon wishlist for my business (thank you!)

The third convenient way you could directly support me in my glassy endeavours, would be to buy me gift vouchers from my favourite materials suppliers, either Warm Glass or Creative Glass UK. These can usually be sent by email to the recipient, so if you could arrange for them to be emailed to me at I’d be very grateful.


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