Charity Goodness!

Here you can find out a bit about my various charity exploits.

I’ve been supporting Nowzad Dogsby recycling my used postage stamps. You can too! Simply save your used postage stamps, trim them (with a maximum 4mm border) and visit the website for the current address.

I am currently donating a percentage of profits from the sale of some of my rainbow items (at the moment, just these coasters) to a UK charity called Stonewall who campaign for equal rights for LBGT people and to end homophobic bullying.

£1 from the sale of each of my stencilled poppy coasters will be donated to the relevant year’s Royal British Legion’s poppy appeal.

Every six months to a year, I purchase some trees to offset the carbon I use running my kiln. It’s mains powered and gets up to 1000 degrees Celsius  so I feel a bit guilty about my carbon footprint! I use either the lovely carbon footprint people (very informative site, if a little difficult to navigate!), or buy UK woodland or any of the tree related products from good gifts, who also have an amazing non-tree related range if you’re struggling to think of a present for someone!

I am also a bib sponsor for the Netherfield Colts football team. Here’s a photo of the boys in their bibs! I feel like a proper company now, sponsoring sports teams… Next stop, the Premier League!

The Netherfield Colts, sporting their new bibs!

Close up of the sponsorship message

Periodically, I also spend some of my profits from my glass work to fund micro loans through Kiva, though I’m not sure if this counts as charity, as I do get the money back! A lot of the time I re-donate my loan repayments to Kiva’s running costs though, so it probably does… Loans start from just $25. If you would like to start with a FREE $25 loan click here (I will also get a free loan if you use this link. Neither of us will keep the repayments for these free loans, but it is still helping someone reach their funding goal!)

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