Here you can find out a bit about my environmental commitments, and efforts to make my business as environmentally sustainable as possible.



All of my postage materials are either recycled, recyclable, or both. I re-use all bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, padded envelopes etc. I receive. I have switched to using paper based tape over plastic. When I do have to buy extra bubble wrap, I buy recycled bubble wrap. Please try to re-use any packaging you receive from me too!

My kilns use a large amount of electricity. They’re both located in my home studio, where we use a 100% renewable tariff.

I even print packing slips 2 to a page, to use less ink and paper!

On a personal note, I try to live my own life with as little impact on the environment around me as possible. I use recyclable closed system toothbrush heads, I use toothpaste tabs with fluoride instead of paste in a plastic tube. I use refillable shower products. I use period pants instead of single use sanitary products. I work from home wherever possible in my day job to reduce the environmental impact of an unnecessary commute. Other suggestions are always welcome!



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