Hi, welcome to West Art And Glass.

My name is Zee West. I live just outside Nottingham in England, and I make glassy things. And to a lesser extent, arty things. Through the magic of the internet, I have sold these glass things to lovely people in Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, 32 different states of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Poland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Scotland and Wales. I figure I just need a sale in Africa and then my little slice of world domination will be complete… I also sell regularly to people in Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands (and occasionally further afield) through participating in and organising local craft fairs.

I am 30-something, and have been working with glass since I was 19. I am mildly obsessed with giraffes and Star Wars. I love cats, and they seem to tolerate my presence in return. I once met Badger of “Bodger & Badger” fame. One day I want to open up a little glass/art/book/coffee shop and be my own boss. My worst vice is crisps, I eat on average 3 packs a day. Salt and vinegar Discos are the best. I live with my lovely husband/muse Jay, who can never remember how old he is, occasionally takes, and hates cheese and Marmite. Weirdo. Still, he doesn’t grumble too much when he treads on a glass splinter.

So have a look around, make yourself comfy. Have a look at my Etsy shop, and drop me a line if you want. It doesn’t even have to be glass related! Look forward to hearing from you…

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